“Card Check” Legislation on Defensive; Salon Industry Voices Concerns

The "Employee Free Choice Act"--better known as the Card Check bill--is a proposed law that would change how unions are allowed to organize workers in the United States. Card check would make it cheaper, faster and easier to unionize Main Street businesses and small retail establishments by eliminating the secret ballot.

The Professional Beauty Industry (PBA) joined with several hundred other trade associations to oppose card check – and salon industry professionals from across the country have sent over 1,000 letters to members of Congress opposing this legislation.

Because of the overwhelming response from small business owners and workers, card check legislation appears to have stalled in Congress. As reported in a recent article by the New York Times, moderate Democrats in the Senate were becoming increasingly alarmed by the overwhelming number of letters and phone calls from constituents opposed to card check - and essentially put the brakes on the legislation for now.

While this is welcome news for the business community – including the salon industry – making your voice heard on this issue continues to be very important. You can learn more about this issue and send a letter to Congress by visiting PBA’s Advocacy Center at www.probeauty.org/advocacy.

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Card Check and the Salon Industry Background